How We Work

Design professionals at Kronus atelier aim at learning the most possible about the needs of each client. We are interested in how your household operates on a regular basis, whether you live with your children, parents or alone, whether there are any pats, what are your hobbies, dreams, likes and dislikes.

Creating of an interior with a persisting design is not always easy, no matter whether it concerns one room, a spacious apartment or a family house. Experience and inspiration are vital at all times. Our task is to find an original style and suitable interior colours, to weigh the family live and functionality of the interior, to select the right furniture, furnishings and decorations, and to match everything in the way that would please and satisfy the client. An that is quite a challenge.

The interior design is the means of making the client's ideas and dreams come true, the means of forming his or her home. Our task is to integrate your requirements and ideas about functionality, comfort and design into the interior of your home. First we always present graphical drawings and then we offer a specific solution and the interior implementation.

Our interior designer will get acquainted with your requirements at a personal meeting and will measure and document the whole space. He or she will prepare an interior design draft including the furnishings and will assist with purchases, manufacturing and implementation as such.

Optimal work procedure

  • we get acquainted with your needs, we examine your current interior, we compare drawings with reality, we measure the whole space and we make photo-documentation;
  • we arrange the whole space and we prepare specific layout plan;
  • we define appropriate interior style, which should at all times be persisting and elegant, no matter whether you select the French, traditional, English, Nordic, industrial, mountain, rustic, ethno, or some other style;
  • we prepare a specific 3D plan – layout and interior design solution - including colours, lighting, furnishing fabrics, plants, pictures and accessories;
  • upon your request we are ready to prepare more options with the design plans in 2D or 3D formats and with the furniture catalogue; we will select suitable materials, colours, decorations, fabrics and everything else associated with the resulting project together with you;
  • after the project approval we draw the budget and fine-tune the design, factoring in your ideas;
  • interior implementation according to the approved design plan.